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5 – 288 Yards – Par 4: 

Short par-4 that plays over two ridges.  The conservative play is to hit your tee shot about 180 yards, short of the 1st ridge. From there you have a blind shot over both ridges into the green. The aggressive play is to try to carry the first ridge with your tee shot, about 220 yards. In either case, your 2nd shot into the green should be played low and about 2/3’s of the way up the ridge in front of the green. You want the ball to climb the ridge, roll over the top, down the other side of the side of the ridge and onto the green from there. You can try to hit a high pitch or lob wedge over the 2nd ridge, but you may have a hard time holding the green. There are 2 small bunkers behind the green. When you walk off the tee, check out 17 green to your right!